May 12th, 2016

Vehicle alignment is one of the most important factors in tire care. For most vehicles, poor alignment results in excessive and/or uneven tire wear. Improper alignment can reduce a tire's life by more than 70%. Improper alignment on either the front or rear wheels can result in unusual tread wear, damage to your suspension, and unusual handling for the car. Wheel alignments should be performed every time you install a new set of tires, and any time you experience an impact such as a large pothole, curb, or other obstacle. For maintenance purposes, alignment should be checked every  year.

There are several alignment types, including both two and four wheel alignment. Four-wheel alignment is always recommended, but some vehicles are not able to have the rear alignment adjusted. Consult with an alignment specialist you trust to find out what's best for your car.

Warning signs that you might need an alignment are your car pulling to one side or another and irregular tire wear.

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